Bali Wedding

It is funny how the mind works, we hear the word ‘Bali’ and immediately images of beautiful beaches, sunsets, temples, rice paddies and romance come to mind. It is no wonder that this paradise island, found within the Indonesian Archipelago, is one of the most sought-after places for honeymoons, wedding ceremonies and wedding renewals in the whole wide world. Besides the stunning landscape and the enchanting Balinese culture, the island is also home to out-of-this-world resorts, luxury villas and wedding venues at surprisingly affordable prices. Great value for money!

Your wedding budget

On Bali Island, you can organize the wedding of your dreams, no matter what budget you are on. Yes, you can splurge out but also on a smaller budget, your wedding will be absolutely magical with a gorgeous location and topped off with everything you were hoping for. In Bali, you will get incredible value for your money. Amazing wedding venues and ceremonies are plain cheap compared to prices in western countries such as Australia, America or the UK. Another big advantage of getting married in Bali.

Bali Beach

Joining hands

For the perfect wedding at the best affordable prices, it is smart to join hands with a wedding planner or wedding organization. A specialized agency that knows Bali inside out, knows the resorts and the hotels and the most-sought after as well as the best-kept-secret wedding locations on the island. An agency with endless connections and an abundance of experience to guide you through the wedding wilderness. Only this way, you can be sure you will get true value for your money. You may have booked the most amazing wedding villa based on some gorgeous photos but we all know how photos can be deceiving. Upon arrival on the island, this picture perfect scatterers right in front of you by construction work next door, new buildings blocking the ocean view or bad maintenance of the villa, making it not quite the hidden gem you were after. This would be your biggest nightmare of course and should be avoided at all costs!

The Seven Agency

The Seven Agency is a reputable, experienced and professional wedding agency, part of the Seven Group, and they are based right here on the island of Bali. The Seven Agency has organized over 2,000 wedding ceremonies on the island and they are praised in tons of reviews of happy honeymooners and newlyweds. The Seven Agency offers a wide range of wedding packages to suit all kinds of weddings and budgets but what makes them stand out from the rest is their personal touch. This agency can actually tailor-package the wedding of your dreams with and for you. They believe no two weddings should be the same and through personal contact with the bride and groom to be, finding out all about their wishes and hopes, a unique wedding is planned out at the perfect location right here on paradise island Bali. Want to get married beneath a waterfall, on a desolate island, at the edge of a cliff, in the rice paddies or in the jungle or on the slopes of a volcano is a gorgeous luxury villa? The Seven Agency knows where to find such places. Everything is possible in Bali!

How does it work? The wedding team at The Seven Agency comprises of over 40 dedicated wedding experts, specialized in each step of the wedding planning process. Your personal wedding planner will be in touch with you throughout this romantic adventure and furthermore, there are inspection managers to make sure the wedding venue is top notch and on the day, there are greatly skilled wedding stylists, personal butlers, professional wedding photographers and so on. Convenient, affordable and perfect!

For romantic couples traveling to Bali to renew their vows in a more intimate setting, you can also obt to hire a photographer to capture this special love holiday with a 3-hour photo session at a special location. For more information and inquires, contact The Seven Agency directly here.