Weather Station

Recently, I came across a kindergarten teacher teaching her kindergarten children how to grown edible plants in a small piece of land within the school compound. The children were taught on how to plant the seeds, watered them daily and watch the plants grow. They enjoy the practical lessons and through these practical lessons, they gained better understanding. With the hands-on experience and seeing the progress of the plants with their own eyes, they can remember better. They also learn that the plants need fertilizer, water and sunlight to enable the plants to grow healthy.

Some schools, colleges and universities have installed outdoor weather station in the compound of their premise. The weather station can be used to teach students about the changing weather condition in their city. With the availability of the weather stations together with the other components e.g. temperature reader, barometric pressure, rainfall, humidity, UV-light sensors, and camera, teachers can use these devices to teach their students. Science teachers need not have to take their students to the meteorology department to show them how the weather stations works.

The weather station devices are connect to the Wi-Fi networks to provide a live feed of the surrounding weather condition to you and to those whom you choose to share. This system is fully integrated with in-cloud and cloud-to ground lightning detection technology to optimize outdoor safety and severe weather preparedness. It can also pick up where the lightning is striking and gives out automated lightning-strike alerts and send email and text alerts to recipient. All these will enhance the active learning in the children.

These weather station for schools provide maximum coverage and is low maintenance. The network is able to warn of impending severe weather by giving out a high-decibel signal for maximum coverage from single or multiple siren sites. It has a built-in battery backup. The weather station unit is built for outside and is fully integrated inside. There is an indoor control unit with a loud internal speaker with adjustable volume levels to alert the people inside. This unit can be wall mounted or it can be placed on a desktop to provide control buttons for Alert, All Clear and Cancel.

Students can use the weather station to collect and monitor local data, calculate the average rain fall, and the daily rain fall. The historical data can be used to graph correlation between temperature and humidity. The lightning detection feature is also used to monitor safety of the students during their outdoor activities or sporting events.