Europe Travel Tips

Europe is included in every person’s bucket list. From seeing the famous Eiffel Tower to eating authentic Spanish Tapas. We made this list to make your trip to Europe one of the best and most memorable trip to date.

Plan a rough itinerary

If you’ve been dying to go to London, do not make a rash decision like immediately booking a flight. You have to research about the places you want to visit, and the best time to go there. Research about the seasons, or festivals that you want to join or avoid.

Take care of your valuables

Stealing is one of the most commonly committed crimes in Europe. Do not ever leave your valuables unattended, and make sure that you are prepared for everything just in case someone steals your belongings. Make sure that you have a small belt bag that you can hide inside your clothes where you can stuff your money, phone, your passport, and other necessities.

Book your accommodations early

After booking your flight tickets, you should also be booking your accommodations weeks before your flight. Find cheap accommodations that are near the city so that you’ll be able to save money by walking instead of riding their bus. It will also be a lot easier if you have a friend with you so that you can both split up the expenses, not only for the hotel rooms, but also others like transportation, and food.


Pack a week before your flight so that you’ll be able to think about the things you need for your travel. Make sure that the things you’re packing are appropriate for the season, and even the culture of the country you are going to

Interact with the locals

Sometimes it’s better to travel unspoiled and underrated places. Ask the locals where the best place to eat is, the best pub to unwind, or even the best beach to go because they’ll surely offer you lots of unknown yet amazing spots to go to.

Learn their language

Knowing a few words from their language won’t hurt you. Instead, it will actually help you understand, and converse a bit with people who find it difficult speaking in English. Learning this will help you converse with the locals especially if you need help, like when you are lost, or when you forget the way back to your hotel.

Visit the cliché sites

Popular sites are popular for a reason. Your exploration wouldn’t be complete without visiting tourist spots. You don’t want to miss the glorious Eiffel tower just because it’s already overrated, and lots of people have already been there. Stopping by cliché sites won’t hurt you.

Make friends

Make lots for friends, may it be locals or tourists. Having friends, especially when you are traveling alone, will make your trip more enjoyable and less lonely. You can all drink in the best pubs and bars Europe has to offer.

Don’t over-plan

Do not over-plan. It makes you rush things which lead to you not being able to enjoy your sight-seeing. Travel slow and savor the breeze, ambience, culture, and the history of every place you visit.

Try their public transportation

Europe is popular for their two-story buses. Trying their public transportation, instead of grabbing a cab or taxi, means that you get to travel around the place like most of the locals do. You also get to view the sights that the locals also see every day.

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