Each day, the world offers not so great news for vapers. The not so great news is that there are many cities and countries in the world with increasingly stringent laws which place restrictions or complete bans on the use of electronic cigarettes.

Although regular tobacco cigarettes can still be sold in some of these countries, like Singapore, Argentina and Brazil, laws which prevent the use of e-cigarettes have been passed. With this sad news, some welcome news is necessary.

The welcome news is that there are still some cities around the world where it is not only acceptable, it is also heartily encouraged for people to vape. This article offers information on some of the best cities in the world for vapers to have lots of fun.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Say hello to Amsterdam, the city which is famous for its acceptance of the use of cannabis. It is easy to go ahead and assume that because Amsterdam is accepting of cannabis, there are no restrictions concerning smoking. However, this is not the case. In Amsterdam, the law restricts smokers from using tobacco in addition to weed. On the bright side, the law does not affect vapers. You can vape and have fun exploring the amazing city with its famous museums, picture perfect streets and its beautiful canals.

Sydney in Australia                                                                                           

In Sydney, capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Australia, there are strict regulations concerning smoking. Smoking is banned in outdoor beer gardens. However, there is no law against using e-cigarettes. This means you can vape away while enjoying the beautiful views of the Sydney waterfront and the world famous natural harbor there.

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

If vapers ever found a unifying religion, the city to visit for a vapers’ holy pilgrimage would be Ho Chi Minh City (commonly known as Saigon). This city is open and welcomes tourists and travelers who vape. People are permitted to vape in most bars and cafes in the city. There are few things more enjoyable than pairing vaping with some of the city’s delicious street food. Vape away in Saigon while enjoying the vibrant energy of modern rapid development mixed with the old-fashioned charm of outdoor markets, ornate temples and rich cultural heritage.

London in the United Kingdom

London pairs its vibrancy with a tolerance for vapers. It is almost a given that you would find someone vaping any day in this capital city of The UK filled with vapers. There are a lot of vape friendly pubs and vape cafes which cater to the needs of vapers in London. London welcomes you to vape, leisurely stroll on the bank of Thames, watch the change of guard and immerse yourself in the beauty of the city.

The abundance of great vape friendly cities means one major thing. It means that vapers are sure to get a perfect vape friendly city for their next travel adventures.