Some motorcyclists will not ride their motorcycle during the wet season thinking that it is unsafe. It is true to some certain extent especially when the roads get slippery or when the vision is poor. It can also be very uncomfortable getting wet in the rain and one may even catch a cold. Most motorcyclists will opt for other mode of transport especially if they have a car or where the use of public transport e.g. bus or cab is convenient and available.

For others maybe choosing another mode of transportation may not be practical for them. Public transport may not be available and they have no choice but to ride their motorcycle to work or wherever they need to go. So how do these motorcyclists prepared for the rainy season?

Be prepared with waterproof biking gear to keep themselves dry and warm:

  • A good waterproof jacket or a two-piece rain suit. You can pick up some good quality Alpinestars motorcycle jackets online.

  • A biking vest – to be wore underneath the jacket to keep you extra warmth and can be taken off when it gets too warm.

  • A spare change of clothing just in case you get wet.

  • A good quality helmet with anti-fog visor with clear shield and breath guard.

  • A pair of all weather riding gloves, well-padded to keep your fingers warm but not too bulky that may prevent a good grip on the handles.

  • A pair of high quality waterproof biking boots and warm socks.

Be safe:

  • Check the brakes.

  • Be alert and ride safely.

  • Do not speed, allow yourself time to brake gradually. Sudden braking will cause your bike to get out of control.

  • Always check rear mirrors for other vehicles behind or near you.

  • Check all your signal lights.

  • Watch out for potholes or manholes or obstacles on the roads.

  • Be careful when over-taking vehicles.

Motorcyclists should maintain their bike regularly and replace whatever worn parts for the smooth running and durability of their bike. By keeping their bike well maintained, they are doing so for their own safety as well as the safety of other road users. To cut cost, motorcyclists can take care of simple basic maintenance of their bike. Learning to service or even change engine oil can be done with some basic knowledge. Tools and chemicals can be easily obtained online from or other motorcycle websites. Getting out your bike’s rider manual book will help you understand your bike better and get to know the different parts of your bike better.