A Quarter of a Century of Photographic Evolution

Photography is always changing and evolving – so let’s take a look back over the last two and a half decades.

When we’re on holiday, celebrating a special occasion or even enjoying a good meal, we all do one thing – reach for our cameras. Photography has undergone a huge change in the past 25 years, and we’re now living in an era of unrivaled choice. At World Wide Camera Exchange, you can take your pick from a huge range of cameras and photography equipment. So as well as more variety, how has photography changed over the last quarter-century?

So much choice

Compared to 25 years ago, the amount of camera models on the market is staggering. There’s a camera for every occasion. DSLRs are perfect for professional photographers, waterproof cameras are great for travellers, and small point and shoot models are ideal for people always snapping on the go. There’s now a perfect camera for everyone.

Rise of the Internet

There’s no doubt that the Internet has massively changed photography. Where once we had to wait for our photos to be developed, we can now edit and share them online in a matter of minutes. We’re living in the age of the selfie, and photo sharing sites like Instagram have become the new photo album. Who knows how we’ll share our pictures in another 25 years?


We can’t talk about photography in 2018 without mentioning the smartphone. Almost every model of mobile phone comes with a built in camera, and as a result photography has become a lot more accessible. Rather than killing off the digital camera, phone cameras seem to be a great springboard and encourage people to invest in some more advanced equipment.

More storage

We can now amass huge amounts of photographs thanks to increasing camera and computer storage. Where 25 years ago you would have had to be selective with the pictures you took as not to run out of film, you can now take thousands of pictures without even needing to think about deleting any of them. This has given photographers much more freedom.


25 years ago, you took a photo, had it developed, and that was it. The advent of programs like Photoshop have changed that. It’s now possible to fix the imperfections in photographs with just a few clicks of a button. So before you frame a photograph and put it on your mantelpiece, you can correct the lighting, fix your dark circles and crop out any unwanted background scenery.

Analogue is back in vogue

We’ve spoken a lot about how photography has moved on, but we’ve begun to take inspiration from the past too. Nostalgia now plays a massive part of the camera buying process, and we’re snapping up Polaroids and film cameras to recreate the photographic look of years ago. So the darkroom isn’t something we’ve left behind just yet.

What will the next 25 years bring?

Photography has taken some massive leaps in the past 25 years, and it’s exciting to see what other changes could be on the horizon. There’s never been a better time to explore your photographic side, so why not invest in a new camera just in time for summer? Whether you’ll be snapping selfies or scenery, a great camera will allow you to capture memories that last a lifetime.