If you are one of the many outdoor enthusiasts, it is not surprising for you to own a jeep for your many off road adventures. You will need a vehicle to go on uneven terrains, muddy patches or other difficult trails to reach the far off hidden places e.g. your secret fishing holes. In order to get you to those places and back safely, you will need to make sure that the tires and wheels of your vehicle are of high quality.

It is important to choose the tires and rims that are geared towards the types of trails that are most frequently used by you and your vehicle. If you frequently have to go through muddy patches, then you will have to access whether they are shallow or deep muddy patches. Choosing narrow tires will cut through to the bottom to get good traction and make it easier for you to steer. Broad tires with open tread pattern will enable your vehicle to float on the deep mud.

Off Road tires for jeep are not suitable for paved road use because the open tread pattern has less traction due to less contact area with the road and they can be noisy traveling at high speed. Off road tires that are great for mud, dirt, and rocky terrain have shorter life span when traveling on high speed on paved roads because of its soft sidewall.

You may consider getting all-terrain tires which are designed for mostly paved road use, but can also be used for light off the road use. These tires have tread pattern that are efficient at dispersing of water out of the treads to get good traction on the road.

Method racing wheels are of high performance and good quality wheels which are designed for both race and street use. These wheels are designed for trucks, jeeps, buggies, rock crawlers, rally, short course, and etc. There are now various styles of solid steel wheels to new alloy and forged-style off road wheels for your truck, jeep and SUV, etc.

Sometimes traveling on your off road adventures in hot weather can be very uncomfortable in your jeep. By adding a jeep hardtop, you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your jeep. The thick, insulating layer helps keep temperature down in the summer and improve heat retention during the cold weather. It also makes your jeep look better and reduces noise when driving in your jeep.