Costa Rica

Costa Rica has grown from an unknown jungle paradise into what is now known as one of the top vacation spots for tourists from around the world. Costa Rica is magical and it’s high on the list of many who are interested in investing in real estate in the country. One can’t help but be intrigued and want to know more about this country. More and more people are seeking vacation homes, retirement homes, rental homes, and even full-time homes in beautiful, exotic Costa Rica. It’s a tropical country. What’s not to love?

Before you take the first plunge in renting a home in Costa Rica, there are some things that you need to know about Costa Rica rental homes before your arrival and making your dream trip a reality.

Tips for when Renting a property in Costa Rica

Perched on Costa Rica’s North Pacific coast, the golden crescent of Papagayo encircles an aquamarine bay – a retreat to calm waters and quiet afternoons. It’s the perfect choice for adventures along the coast, into Rincón de la Vieja, and even up to Nicaragua.

This small nation offers the opportunity to experience the world as never before. But before you do that this is a list of things that you have to check on your list. The following tips have been provided to aid you in planning for a vacation or for those of you who are interested in learning more about Costa Rica rental homes.


One of the reasons why many of us go on vacation in the first place is for the relaxation and privacy. This is usually a top priority for most vacationers. To ensure pure relaxation on your trip to Costa Rica, we suggest that you try to book a rental property with a pool and something that is within walking distance to the beach.


Nobody wants to work while on vacation so grocery shopping and prepping meals shouldn’t be on your agenda. Vacationing in Costa Rica is all about relaxation. Do yourself a favor and search for a rental property that offers services that include grocery stocking, house keeping, and a full-time chef (if possible).

Plenty of Things to See & Do

Costa Rica has volcanos, magnificent beaches, jungles, adventures and more. Vacation is all about experiencing new and exciting things and Costa Rica has more than enough to keep you occupied. When looking for rental property, try to book a property within reach of towns that offer tours and other day-trip activities.


Seek out rental villas that provide for complete pampering and attend to each guest’s specific preferences. Attention to detail is important from diet and beverages to adventure and sightseeing, to enjoying one’s privacy. Personalization is about you and your travel companions receiving customized leisure time to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


Encountering a new culture is always enjoyable and certainly, there is no better time to do this than on vacation in Costa Rica. Narrow your villa search by looking for resort properties in the northern Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. Guanacaste is known for unforgettable cultural encounters. Also, due to the it’s proximity to nearby Nicaragua, Guanacaste is a perfect base. In Guanacaste you can enjoy the simple things such as taking a late afternoon stroll on the beach and catching the sunset. Those that are more adventurous can book a day-trip to Nicaragua for shopping, and exploring two countries in one trip.


The world is now going green and Costa Rica offers eco-friendly accommodations in abundance. The resorts and rental properties are creative in their use of environmental properties. They make it a point the preserve their rain forest for generations to come. So look for properties that do more for the preservation of the environment.


Costa Rica is famous for having the most exquisite villas in the world, and some with included amenities & services rivaling that of the world’s finest 4-stars hotels.

Great deals are available for luxuriously furnished villa rentals that include a personal chef and housekeeping services, and at half the cost of an equal hotel resort. When contacting villa rental properties in Costa Rica, do not be intimidated to negotiate or ask for a discount. Normally, a special arrangement may just be agreed upon


A lot of villa rental properties boast great services or amenities, however, few mention supplementing great services with honest and friendly staff, that is knowledgeable in the local area, culture, and history while being able to communicate and speak in English.

Vacationing in a well-maintained villa rental in Costa Rica is always an unforgettable experience for couples, families or friends traveling together.

Costa Rica’s forest, beaches, mountains, and valleys offer so much variety — not just in terms of nature but also in diversity and contrast. This awesome destination makes it easy to forget that the entire nation is smaller than a state in America. This combination of natural wonder makes Costa Rica the perfect destination for day-trippers, retirees to choose it as their place to visit on vacation or their place of residence, away from the crowded cities and town and also the overcrowded beaches.

Costa Rica, as a vacation destination has rental properties, villa and other accommodation that is suitable every. This villa and rental properties serve as a place for honeymooners or place for family reunion.