Casinos and cameras are two things that don’t exactly go along very well. The reason behind this is that we are not allowed to take pictures in casinos. Let us face it, brick and mortar casinos are fascinating. The architecture is just exquisite and quite frankly, very tempting to take a picture of.

Cameras in Casinos?

Many land-based casinos do not allow people to take pictures in casinos. To take a picture in a casino is very similar to taking a picture in a bank. And it is very suspicious. This rule, however, is only valid if you are in the gaming area. It would be odd to see someone taking a picture of a blackjack table or a roulette wheel. You can learn more about blackjack by visiting casinos Australia on your mobile phone.

The Casino

Most casinos in the world are also holiday resorts. The casino is just one aspect of the building. There are several other aspects that a photographer would delight in. So why focus on the casino, yet you can photograph the gardens, the lounge, and just the building as a whole.

Take a Picture

As we said, there are more fascinating aspects of the casino resort that we can take pictures of. But to do so you will need a camera of top quality. The Nikon D850 is one of the best cameras to have in this day and age. It has great image quality and excellent performance.  Another great choice would be the Sony Alpha A7 III. It comes with a 693-point AF system and 10fps burst shooting.  Apart from these two, there are many other cameras that you can choose to take a picture with.


Since you will be at a casino, to begin with, why not enjoy your stay. After taking a few great pictures, put the camera away and join the others at the real money casino game tables or play real pokies online on your phone. This can be quite the eye-opening experience.