Lviv, Ukraine

Aside from Paris, New York, Los Angeles, and other popular cities, there are also underrated cities that are as amazing as the overrated ones. We’ve round up our top 6 most beautiful underrated cities:

Busan, South Korea

Busan is a large city located in South Korea. The way their houses are built may remind you a lot of Santorini. Busan is home to the most stunning beaches, and delicious streetfood. One of the places you’ll never want to miss in Busan is Gamcheon Culture Village. The houses you’ll find in that village are painted in different vibrant and radiating colors, and the walls are splashed with artistic and eye-catching murals.

Heidelberg, Germany

This place will make your fairy tales come true. From its beautiful castle ruins to old historical bridges, it’ll surely leave your mouths hanging in awe. You have to visit the Heidelberg Castle is an architectural wonder built during 1214. There are also lots of museums, galleries, and sculptures all around the city. It is perfect for all kinds of people!

Lviv, Ukraine

Located in the western part of Ukraine, Lviv is ripped straight from your dreams. There are lots of things that you can actually do here. Lviv is nicknamed as the City of Festivals, because it hosts around 50festivals annually, and they’re normally filled with tourists. You can visit the Dzyga Art Gallery, which showcases the works of different contemporary artists. You can also walk around one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites which is the Rynok Square. It is the heart of the city, and is filled with different architectures, and buildings.

Puglia, Italy

Located here in Puglia is the humble town of Alberobello, which is yet again home for another UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is the stunning Trulli. These Trulli are ancient stone huts with roofs that are shaped like cones. There is another UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Puglia which is the Castel Del Monte is a castle situated on a hill in Apulia. Aside from these two there are also other attractions that you can visit, like the Tremiti Islands, Lecce, and the Itria Valley.

Kuching, Malaysia

From their Waterfront Esplanade to their relaxing Sunset River Cruise, Kuching is one of the most underrated escapes that you’ll surely love. Kuching is located in the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. One of the best spots to visit in Kuching is Fort Margherita which is home to the newly opened Brooke Gallery featuring artifacts, documents, and art during the White Rajah Era. They also emphasize their different nightclubs, and pubs where you can drink delicious beer and enjoy the company of your friends.

Biarritz, France

This is a city on the Bay of Biscay, located just 35 kilometers from the borders of Spain. One of the tourist spots in Biarritz is the Grande Plage which is one of their largest beaches, and is normally flocked by tourists because of the beautiful golden sand, and the crystalline waters. There are also many other beaches that you can visit and one of them is Plage du Miramar. Aside from beaches there are also other attractions that you will enjoy such as the Museum of the Sea, Chapelle Imperiale, and Rocher de la Vierge.

These cities have a lovely unspoiled character that will definitely give traveling a whole new meaning.