Mixing DeskSince the 70s, music videos have become an integral part of the entertainment industry and it is now an expectation that most singles should have an accompanying visual offering.

The process of putting together a music video, however, isn’t always an easy one and can end up being very financially and energy consuming.

This is why before you begin creating a music video for your song, it is important to conduct research and make adequate preparations.

Before embarking on a music video creation, consider the following tips to get the best possible results.

1. Choose a Concept

Music videos serve an important purpose in that they help to catch audience attention and also to reinforce the message of the song they accompany.

Therefore, before you decide to shoot a music video, decide on what type of video you want to create. Make sure the visuals you have in mind match the song in question. After all, there is little point in shooting a slow-paced and visually unstimulating video for a high-energy pop song.

Listen carefully to the song in question and decide on what type of video would go best with it.

2. Choose a Budget

This is a very important aspect of music video creation as a music video can be done on an affordable budget or can cost a fortune to produce.

Decide early how much you are willing to spend on the music video. After you have done this, find a music video production company such as Miami Video Producer to produce your video shoot in Miami for example.

Make sure you communicate your budget to the production company before shooting starts and make sure you do not exceed this budget while filming is taking place.

3. Choose a Release Date

The time when your music video is released can have a significant impact on how much attention it receives and how well the song as a whole will do in the market.

There are a number of ideal times when your music video should be released. Certain times such as the summer are quite popular for music video releases in a bid to become a summer anthem. While this might help your music video gain more traction, it could also lead to it being overshadowed due to the market being very saturated.

Make sure you conduct research on current industry release schedules and trends to decide on the best date to release your music video.

4. Choose Your Marketing Tactics

Before your release your music video, it is important to decide on your marketing tactics to ensure that it receives the most attention.

This includes your social media campaign strategy, the media outlets you intend to submit the video to and the platforms you intend to release the video on.

Getting this out of the way early will save you a lot of effort and ensure an organized rollout when the release date arrives.


Before you go about creating your music video, follow the above steps to make sure it is a coordinated effort while being shot and gains traction when it is released.